23 October 2009


Company Description

We are a Taiwanese leading shoes manufacturing group producing premium world class sport shoes, currently operating in 4 (four) countries in Asia. As part of its big expansion plan, we are building a new plant at Pasar Kemis, Cikupa, Tangerang which will employ around 15,000 employees.

We are looking for a Start Up Team for the new factory. They will be provided with an intensive training for 3-6 months to understand the process and our system. This group will become part our core Management Team and employed under regular status of employment. For those who live in Jakarta they will be provided either shuttle bus or accommodation.


Staf Administrasi Impor (Cikupa-Tangerang)


* D3 Akuntansi/SMU/SMK
* Diutamakan berpengalaman minimal 1 tahun posisi serupa
* Membuat pinjaman custom bond
* Pembayaran tagihan forwarder
* Administrasi umum
* Realisasi pinjaman

Please send your application letter and CV by clicking Quick Apply button below not later than one week after the publication of this advertisement. All applications will be treated in strictest confidence.

Note: Non Member can attach the application and send it directly by clicking Quick Apply and then click "here".